How Adult Education Increases Political Interest And Involvement

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Over 90 percent of Americans age 25 and older have a high school diploma. Approximately half have a college degree. The numbers may sound impressive, but the statistics show that millions still do not have the education they need, and many want more.

Adult education programs provide many benefits. One of the most useful benefits for individuals and society is helping people to gain more interest in political news stories and better understand the information they receive. Here is how continuing education helps.

Improve Literacy Skills

Adult education can help those who cannot read or need assistance improving their literacy skills. Approximately 21 percent of Americans are illiterate, and many others cannot read above a 6th-grade level. The inability to read can affect every part of adult life.

Improved literacy can enable people to research topics rather than rely on those around them for information. Gaining digital literacy skills is another benefit of adult education because understanding how to use technology enables more research opportunities.

Learn Analytical Skills

Understanding the difference between a fact and an opinion and knowing how to research sources allows people to determine the legitimacy of any political news piece. Inaccuracies happen when there is inadequate research or people with agendas. Better-educated adults have more ability to know when the words they read are not reliable. 

Understand Personal Rights

People gain the ability to understand and appreciate political news pieces when they know their rights and have a better understanding of history. Adults do not need to take specific classes for this benefit. General courses can provide the tools they need to research on their own.

Exposure to Diversity

Adult education allows people to meet others from diverse cultures and with a variety of beliefs. Exposure to people outside a social circle enables everyone to gain more respect and appreciation for the opinions and feelings of others. It does not mean people will change their beliefs, but it can help them feel more empathetic to those with alternate views.

Encourages Public Involvement

Adult education provides the skills people need to become involved citizens. Having the tools to learn about issues and to understand how government works gives people the confidence to become involved. Informed citizens vote, hold their officials accountable, and have more interest in political news stories.

Education, and the need for it, should not be a political issue. Through learning, people can stay healthier, happier, and more independent. Adult education programs provide a vital service to their communities in many ways.  

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