Why Get An Associate Degree?

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If you have ever thought about going back to school, you may want to start with an associate degree. Some people may think that it is a better idea to just jump in with both feet and go for a bachelor's degree, but an associate may be the way to go. A few reasons why you should start with a two-year degree are as follows. 

Small Steps Make Progress

After graduating high school, most people seem to think that you either have to go for a bachelor's degree or stick with your diploma. However, there is a lot to be gained from working towards an associate degree for two years. It may seem like a small step, but small steps are still progress. This is also true for people who want to continue their education after they have gotten married or had children. While the whole four years at one time may seem overwhelming, getting an associate degree is a way to finish your degree in steps. For example, you could get your general education credits out of the way and then take some time off. When you decide to return to school, most colleges will let you build on your degree and work toward furthering your education. 

Employers Value Effort

In addition to achieving your personal goals, an associate degree may help you to make more money. Think about it; if you were an employer and you had to choose between an applicant with an associate degree or someone with a high school diploma, wouldn't you choose the first? Having a two-year degree shows potential employers that you can work towards your goals, think critically, write at a college level, and achieve things. No matter what position you are applying for, an associate degree may help you to reach your goals. 

Make More Money

There are many two-year positions that make a substantial amount of money. These jobs include receptionists, basic computer programmers, licensed practical nurses, and dental hygienists. Instead of putting your career on hold for four years, maybe it would be a better idea for you to make your career what you want it to be in a few steps at a time. This will allow you to make the money you need while working toward your goals. 

In conclusion, you only stand to gain by getting a degree. Look for what programs are available at a technical or two-year college near you. 

To learn more, contact colleges that offer associate degrees.

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