Applying To College As An Adult? What To Get Admissions Help With

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Adults who apply to undergraduate college programs go up against thousands of high school students in the admissions process. That's daunting for many adults, who may not have been in an academic setting in years. If you're applying to college as an adult, however, there's admissions help available. Here are some parts of the process that you can get help with.

The Basic College Application

Whether you're unfamiliar with how to fill out applications or have completed many for job postings, you should still seek out assistance with the basic application. It can be slightly challenging to fill out for non-traditional students.

If you need help with the application's standard fields, a college admissions advisor can certainly assist with that. They can write out the application for you if your handwriting is uneven, or they can type all of the information in on a computer if an online application makes you nervous.

An admissions advisor can also help you answer the essential questions that colleges want to know and find ways to highlight the experiences that make your application unique. Sometimes, adult applicants have a tough time figuring out where to highlight their life experiences — which colleges do value — on applications that are primarily designed for high school students.

The College Admissions Essay

The vast majority of colleges require applicants to write an essay, and some schools request more than one. High school students often get help with this essay, and adult applications frequently need even more assistance than high schoolers.

If you haven't written a standard essay in a long time, someone who helps with college admissions can guide you through the basic format to follow. They can't write the essay for you, but they can provide pointers and help edit it once your first draft is done.

The College Admissions Interview

Most schools also offer optional interview opportunities, and some may even require applicants to complete an in-person interview. While this is an important part of the application for all applicants, it's particularly important to adults. The interview is where you, as an adult, can really showcase professionalism and maturity that many high schoolers don't have.

To make sure you're prepared for the interview, go through a few practice interviews with a college admissions counselor. They can help you both fine-tune your interview skills and figure out how to work your life experiences into your interview responses.

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